Who I am

Hi, I'm Enrique René (@enriquerene), a Software Engineer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My 10+ years journey as a freelancer and in a software house has shaped me into a collaborative problem solver who’s always ready to take on new challenges and grow. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and excel at translating client needs into technical solutions.

Professional Journey

As a FullStack Engineer, my core expertise lies in RESTful Systems and hybrid mobile applications. I have a strong foundation in the LAMP stack, which has been the cornerstone of my development work. However, my professional focus has shifted towards the Node.js ecosystem, driven by my passion for JavaScript technologies.

Key Skills

Career Aspiration

My career trajectory is focused on gaining certifications and professional recognition in key areas of my expertise. I am currently planning to achieve the AWS Solutions Architect certification, reflecting my proficiency and commitment to cloud technologies. Additionally, enhancing my project management and team leadership skills is a priority, for which I am pursuing Scrum Master and Professional Agile Leadership certifications from Scrum.org. To further cement my technical abilities, I aim to obtain certifications in Docker, Node.js, and ReactJS from reputable institutions. These certifications will not only validate my skills but also open new avenues for professional growth in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

More Skills


As a FullStack Engineer, I am drawn to roles that allow me to leverage my JavaScript/TypeScript skills, particularly in the Node.js environment. I am also interested in exploring AI-related areas like Machine Learning and Optical Character Recognition, backed by my strong mathematical background and Python skills. Teaching and mentoring in software development is another passion, having already guided many into successful tech careers.