Who I am

My name is Enrique René. I'm LATAM Software Engineer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m a collaborative Problem Solver focused on team’s goals, always willing to share and learn from others. Challenges excite me and I'm always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

I'm experienced FullStack Engineer specialized in RESTful Systems and hybrid mobile applications. I've been working as freelancer more than 10 years, facing clients, translating their business needs into technical requirements and writting up documentation. Strongly creative capable of bringing different approaches to a problem looking for best balance of time consumption and maintainability, always thinking about specific situation to fit the best solution. I like to discuss it with clients in a transparent way given them scenarios to realize possible approach and its consequences. Capable of doing this communication for technical and non-technical audiences in english, spanish and portuguese. I learned a lot about how to manage my time from freelancer experiences handling more than one project at same time and balance that with my personal life. I've already introduced development career to beginners, teaching and mentoring individuals and small teams respecting individualities. Last 3 years I've been working in a middle-sized software house company under agile methodologies, totally use to pair programming, cross teams discussions, daily meetings with colleagues and weekly meetings with clients and managers. Very comfortable with TDD, BDD, monitoring tools like Sentry and Loggly, SEO and Accessibility issues, Data Analysis.

Featured Professional hard skills


I like the job I already do as Full Stack Engineer. It would be nice to try new frameworks like Laravel, NextJS and NestJS or engage in programming languages I'm not use to code daily like Ruby and Rust. I'm also interested in Artificial Inteligence related subjects like Machine Learning, LLM and Optical Char Recognition. I believe I'll do it well in such areas because I have a great mathematical background from my Physics graduation and nice Python and C++ development skills. Data Engineer and Full Stack Engineer with data-centric approach are the positions that attract me most, but there is a bunch of other positions what catch my attention also like Embedded Software Engineer, Game Developer, CMS Developer, Linux Developer. Teach software development also sounds good for me, I've already helped some people to get into developer career and get jobs.